Jacobson Creative, Inc

Cling-On   was developed in 2009 by a lifetime sewer, costumer, artist and garment designer after 50 years of frustration with pins, scissors and other tools being just out of reach or buried under the project at hand.


Sewers have always found a variety of ways to keep track of pins - two popular methods are held in the lips or stuck in the shirt.  Scissors are more difficult to deal with so they have been hung around the neck or attached to a cord then pinned to the shirt.  However, all of these solutions have drawbacks, including risk of injury from swallowed pins or lap-stabs from dangling scissors.


Drawing on her textile and plastics-molding experience, she developed a magnetic holder strong enough to hold a large number of pins and/or high-quality sewing scissors, pliers, or other metal tools  (Famore's model 719 scissors are our personal workroom favorite).  And of course it had to be pretty!  


Made in USA, Cling-On has become a popular tool for longarm quilters, fashion designers and people who like to hand-sew while traveling by car or plane.  Some users have even mentioned that their spouses steal their Cling-Onz for screws, nails and other home improvement project bits and pieces!